Our Story

Clean Hamper is a locally owned and operated laundry washing service in Binghamton, NY, and servicing the Broome County area.

Our services include washing and folding, specialty cleaning of larger items, stain and spot removal, hang drying, and ironing services. Our customers can drop their laundry off at our facility and then pick it back up, at their convenience. Or, our drivers can pick the laundry up at your doorstep and deliver it right back to you!

Our management team has a strong background in the cleaning and service industry, and a passion to serve our local community of Binghamton with our dry cleaning and laundry washing services. We are busy professionals ourselves and find it challenging to complete the daily burden of doing laundry. We believe that time is valuable and we would rather spend it on more important things in life. It turns out that we aren’t the only ones who feel this way! Our service gives back the time that washing and folding laundry takes from you, so you can focus on other priorities in your life that make you happy.

Clean Hamper is for anyone who finds themselves too busy for the grueling daily task of doing laundry. We have a team of Laundry Care Specialists that are ready to provide a clean, fast, and professional dry cleaning in Binghamton.

It’s our mission to provide quality, convenient, and trustworthy laundry washing services and dry cleaning to our Binghamton customers and community!