Residential Price List

Residential Pricing List

Our customers love our low everyday flat rate pricing. It makes it easy for them to calculate their order. But what they REALLY love is the time they save each and every week by not doing their laundry! Just click the “Get Started” button below if you are finally ready to give up laundry day.

Wash and Fold

Counter Service
You Deliver & Pick Up
$2.00 per lb.
Delivery Service
We Pick Up & Deliver
$2.50 per lb.
Recurring Pick Up & Delivery
Online Orders
$2.40 per lb.
Every Day Items
King Comforter $19.99 per item
Twin/Queen Comforter $16.50 per item
Duvet $12.99 per item
Mattress Cover Queen/King $10.99 per item
Mattress Cover Twin $8.99 per item
Blanket Full/Queen/King $12.99 per item
Throw Blanket $9.99 per item
Bath Rug $6.99 per item
Pillow $6.99 per item
Small Pet Bed 18”-30” $15.99 per item
Hang Dry $1.00 per item
Laundry Bag $5.00 per bag
Gift Card $25.00 per card
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